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The Talisman of Ahau-Kin

The Talisman of Ahau-Kin

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Doctor Christopher Kaufman is an award winning teaching artist, composer, filmmaker, concert presenter and author. This book is from the movie Doctor Kaufman created for the World Premier of the Halloween Edition of his concert series for family audiences, The Phantastic Theater.

Horror meets The Twilight Zone and History in this fun, Halloween-Themed Original Tale! 

Join Young Rosita Alvarado as she saves our planet from an evil mist turning people into zombies and ghosts! The Earth has created this mist in response to our ill treatment of her.

Young Rosita enters the haunted mansion of her ancestor, the dread pirate "Captain Blood” and braves his scuttled pirate ship on the bottom of the sea.  There she must retrieve the 'Talisman of Ahau-Kin!  The Talisman is from the tombs of the ancient Mayans and has the power to cure the planet!

Note on Book Forms from Author:

Softcover/Hardcover: these are the graphically illustrated books - they are printed on-demand by Book Vault (the best for colors and quality) and sent out from their branch in Ashland, Ohio (Baker and Taylor). 

Soundtrack Audio Albums: most of my works are conceived as multimedia - the music is an intrinsic element - I am a trained composer - as is the sound design and narration/voice acting: I have also produced them as live shows in numerous settings, from small/medium audience of all ages - to full symphonic orchestra.

Kindle books are as you know them.

Fixed Layout ePub: pop right into your apple books or other readers that use epub.  These are fixed layout because the books are graphically illustrated, often each page constructed as an individual work of art to various levels considering the work in question.

Ultimate immersive experience is attained by reading and listening together, but one may listen as a super rich audio book, or read the books as stand alone. Some folks read ahead and then go back to the sound album.

A few productions have been filmed and can be viewed - for free - on my youtube channel - SOUNDARTUS. 

Live with Imagination!

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