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Tales Of The Ocean City: Books 1-5: The Vorm War Tome

Tales Of The Ocean City: Books 1-5: The Vorm War Tome

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Graphically illustrated! Fixed Layout Ebook ePub. (applebooks, et al.) - Softcover, Hardcover.

Here is the complete tome of author, composer, film-maker, concert presenter, Christopher Kaufman’s, five volume opening series of TALES OF THE OCEAN CITY - THE VORM WAR.

Throughout these books, which Kaufman created over many years, young Harl’ut and his pegasus-like companion, Vispushin, engage in many glorious adventures which culminate in epic war with the ancient enemy, The Vorm. (books 1-5).

Enjoy these chronicles and get to know the many fascinating characters which inhabit The Ocean City - sculpted from the belly of a vast volcano once worshipped as the God, Pla’than’taa.

The adventure continues! In the this new series - The Green World - Harl’ut and Vispushin adventure to the depths of the planet Tir’whol, and then to a neighboring planet and battle ‘The Stranger’.

Books One and Two have brilliant Audio Albums filled with powerful narration and tons of Kaufman’s epic cinematic music.

“A collage of vibrant images adorns the pages of Tales Of The Ocean City, treating readers to more than a simple fantasy narrative. Well-chosen colors and designs add emotive elements and offer thoughtful reflections of the unfolding battle sequences, creating an intensely immersive experience. Matching the feel of the imagery, the text includes abundant use of descriptive, almost poetic prose, which adds vigor to the exciting storyline. I found the overall experience to be hypnotic, both in the book’s vivid presentation and its innovation. Mixing qualities from graphic novels, abstract art, classic fantasy, and creative fiction, Christopher Kaufman's book is an imaginative adventure that is sure to engage your senses.” - Reviewed by David Korson for Readers’ Favorite

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