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The Works of Christopher Kaufman

TALES OF THE OCEAN CITY : Book Three : Island Odyssey

TALES OF THE OCEAN CITY : Book Three : Island Odyssey

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?‘Tales Of The Ocean City’ is the epic story of a young civilization forced to confront - The Vorm - a terrible enemy from the deep past. Join Harl’ut and his pegasus-like companion, Vispushin, on this epic adventure as they lead a group of young warriors into the heart of the Vorm Hive.

Book Three: Island Odyssey - begins with Calanctus holding training games for the young Kra’ warriors. They are attacked by The Vorm, Harl’ut is captured and brought to Vorm Island where he has a vivid adventure in ‘The Red Maze’. He learns secrets about The Vorm, meets a young woman named Am’vuu and others who are kept as slaves. He vows to escape and avenge them all.

Note on products:  Softcover/Hardcover: these are the graphically illustrated books - they are printed on-demand by Book Vault (the best for colors and quality) and sent out from their branch in Ashland, Ohio (Baker and Taylor). Kindle books are as you know them.  Fixed Layout ePub: pop right into your apple books or other readers that use epub.  These are fixed layout because the books are graphically illustrated, often each page constructed as an individual work of art to various levels considering the work in question.

“A collage of vibrant images adorns the pages of Tales Of The Ocean City, treating readers to more than a simple fantasy narrative. Well-chosen colors and designs add emotive elements and offer thoughtful reflections of the unfolding battle sequences, creating an intensely immersive experience. Matching the feel of the imagery, the text includes abundant use of descriptive, almost poetic prose, which adds vigor to the exciting storyline. I found the overall experience to be hypnotic, both in the book’s vivid presentation and its innovation. Mixing qualities from graphic novels, abstract art, classic fantasy, and creative fiction, Christopher Kaufman's book is an imaginative adventure that is sure to engage your senses.” - Reviewed by David Korson for Readers’ Favorite

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